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Since 2007, the main activity developed by NIEP-Marx is the annual event Marx and Marxism. Until 2010, Marx and Marxism was a thematic and fee-free course, functioning then as an extension activity. In 2011, we adopted two different formats, which would alternate in the following years. In odd years, the event has a colloquium format and, in even years, it resumes its original format.


The two previous editions of the International Colloquium were:


2017: the International Colloquium Marx and Marxism 2017: from Capital to the October Revolution (1867-1917) celebrated the 150 years of the publication of the first edition of Marx’s Capital (Volume I) and 100 years of the October Revolution. The event registered around 482 researchers, and counted with 64 sessions with 231 papers. Once again, there were two short courses this year. The first one, by Dr. Miguel Vedda (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), on “Aesthetics and revolution”, and the second on the “Petrograd Soviet in 1917”, by Dr. Kevin Murphy (University of Massachusetts, USA).


The programme of this edition can be accessed here: 2015 programme.


2019: the 2019 edition had the following theme: Marxism without taboos - Facing oppression. Its extensive program included four plenary sessions, two short courses, and 174 papers discussed in 48 coordinated sessions. The plenary sessions had a diverse cast of professors and researchers from various states in Brazil and abroad. The short courses were: "Theory of social reproduction" with Tithi Bhattacharya (Purdue University, USA) and Cinzia Arruzza (New School for Social Research, USA); and "The working class: from Marx to our time" with Marcelo Badaró Mattos


The programme of this edition can be accessed here: 2017 programme.