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Call for papers



The Interdisciplinary Centre for Studies and Research on Marx and Marxism (NIEP-Marx) invites to the International Colloquium Marx and Marxism 2021: Exterminated future? Ecological crisis and anti-capitalist reaction. This year, the event addresses one of the greatest (if not the greatest) challenges of our time: the ecological crisis and the whole range of risks that come in its wake, including the existential threat to our species. What are the significant contributions that Marx and Marxist traditions have to make to this discussion?


Ten thematic axes guide the call for papers:


1. Climate emergency and imminent risks

2. Ecosocialism: anti-capitalist solutions to the ecological crisis

3. Education and pandemic

4. Struggles in the countryside and in the city in times of environmental, economic and health crisis

5. Epidemics, pandemics and health systems

6. Crisis, pandemic, care and social reproduction

7. Pre-capitalism, nature and relations of production

8. Agro-corporations and environmental devastation

9. The global extreme right, Bolsonaro government and the threat of an exterminated future.

10. Environmental racism and Neomalthusianism


Call for papers


The colloquium will admit only the submission of parallel sessions with themes suggested within the limits defined by the event's thematic axes. In other words, the call for papers is actually a call for parallel sessions of papers (and not for single papers sent by their authors). The sessions must be composed of 3 or 4 papers and indicate a coordinator (among its participants). The submission of the parallel sessions will require the submission of each complete paper (see the format of the complete papers below) and a abstract of the coordinated session (up to 250 words).


The organizing committee will seek to favor the selection of proposals composed by authors (professors, researchers and students) from different institutions and roles. In addition, the committee preserves its freedom to change the composition of the sessions, if necessary.


Deadline for submission of coordinated tables and registration of authors 


Proposals for parallel sessions must be submitted by May 31, 2021. Registration will be open after the announcement of the submissions results. Participants in accepted sessions will have until August 02, 2021 to register.


Submission rules


1. Each participant may submit only one paper, either as an author or as co-author.

2. Each paper may contain a maximum of 4 co-authors.

3. Each parallel session must contain 3 or 4 papers by different authors.

4. Each paper of a parallel session must have at least one registered author.


Non-compliance to any of the above rules will lead to automatic disapproval of all papers within the session before the evaluation by the scientific committee. There will be no refund of the submission fee in these cases.


Papers format


Margins: 3 cm for the right and left margins and 2.5 cm for the upper and lower margins;

Font: Times New Roman, 12 points and with 1.5 spacing between lines;

Size: minimum of 10 and maximum of 30 pages in A4 format, including bibliography and notes;

Include abstract of up to 250 words and 3 to 5 keywords;


IMPORTANT: submitted papers must be in pdf format. No other format will be accepted.



Paper presentation


Every approved paper must have at least one registered author (registration opens on July 1, 2021). This author will participate in the debate in real time during the event. The paper presentations, however, must be recorded in advance by the authors and will be made available in the colloquium website by the organizing committee. Information on recording and presentation format will be provided in detail for the parallel sessions selected by the scientific committee.




Portuguese, English and Spanish.